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Other Services


Acrylic is the most durable form of enhancement. It’s recommended for those with naturally weak and brittle nails. This is the most popular and hardest form of enhancement due to its durability and low maintenance.

Acrylic Full Set$30 & up
Acrylic Fill-Ins$20 & up

Pink & White

Pink and White Acrylic also called “Permanent French” or “Two-Tone”. It is the most popular look among women. It is classic, clean, natural, shiny, and ready to go without the wait of polish to dry or polish wearing off. Its non-yellowing formula is done in a double process with white powder for the free edge and pink powder for the nail bed.

Full Set$60 & up
Fill-Ins$45 & up
Pink Fill Only$35 & up
Ombre Full Set$55 & up
Ombre Fill-Ins$45 & up


Gel is a great coating over natural or acrylic nails. Gel will keep nails shiny without polish. It is recommended for those who constantly work with their hands and don’t want to worry about their shine fading.

Powder Gel Full Set$45 & up
Powder Gel Fill In$35 & up
Liquid Gel Full Set$50 & up
Liquid Gel Fill In$40 & up

Shellac (Gel Polish) - 14 Day Wear $25

A new trend of polish. If you do many things with your hands, but can’t keep polish on, this is just for you. Shellac is a polish with gel ingredients which is sealed off by UV lights. This polish will not leave nails damaged. This will help your real nails grow to the length you deserve. Shellac polish will always be shiny and beautiful.

Shellac (Gel Polish) with Manicure$35

No Chip Gel Polish Change

On Hand without Manicure$25
On Feet without Manicure$25
Gel Polish Add to Any Service$15 & up
Specialty Nail Shapes (such as Coffin or Almond) or Extended Length for Any Nails Enhancements$5 extra

Kids Menu (10 & under)

Princess Manicure$15
Princess Pedicure$20
Polish Change (hands)$10
Polish Change (feet)$10
Princess Manicure & Pedicure Combo$35

Additional Services

French Manicure (with Service)$10 & up
Hand/Feet (without Service)$10/$15
Nail Design Single/Full Set$5/$10 & up
Nail Repair$5 & up
Polish Change Hands (Color/French)
(Includes nail shaping, buffing, and color)
Polish Change Feet (Color/French)
(Includes nail shaping, buffing, and color)
Gel Polish Removal (without Manicure)$10
Gel Polish Removal (with Manicure)$5
Take Off Acrylic (without Service)$12 & up
Take Off Acrylic (with New Set)$5 & up
Acrylic Cut Down (without Service)$10
Acrylic Cut Down (with Fill-in)$5
Paraffin Treatment Hands/Feet$10
Take off Dipping Powder (with service)$5
Take off Dipping Powder (without Service)$10

Waxing Services

Upper Lip$10
Chin$15 & up
Eyebrow, Upper Lip & Chin$35 & up
Chin & Neck$30 & up
Side Burns$20 & up
Back$50 & up
Bikini$50 & up
Brazilian$70 & up

Eyelash Extensions

Full Set$30 & up
Touch-Ups$20 & up

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